Beamish comes to JFK

On the 17th January Year 6 had a visit from some very special guests. Two ex-miners came in an talked to us about life as a miner. We learnt that the most important thing in the house was the fire and to run it you needed coal. This meant that the men needed to go down into the mine and dig for coal. The result of that gave them £1, 1 shilling and 1 penny.

We were given a map of Washington and had to find places that are still here today and places that are no longer there. Finally the two miners came in and did a question and answer session with us!

We also learned about what life was like in Washington 100 years ago, in 1917. The miners were not getting five full days because of the WW2 as the German U boats were blockading the North Sea. As a result, the miners couldn't afford to feed their children and the schools wouldn't either. This resulted in a children's strike for two days which made the Government change their mind and provide food in school. Children were then happy to return to school, knowing that they'd would be fed.

Next week we are going to Beamish to re-enact this strike.

Reported by Josh Dixon and Georgia Towart.