Singing at the Sage

Both KS1 and KS2 choirs performed fantastically at the Sage in Gateshead on Monday night here’s what the children thought of the experience.

Year 1

First we watched the other choirs sing on the stage and I felt very happy. Next we got our JFK tops on and it was our turn to perform. We sang our three songs, we got to use blow up guitars and Sam Kingsley rocked it! Singing at the Sage made me feel very happy and my Mam said “Well done, I am very proud of you”. When I am in Year 2 I hope we can go back to the Sage to sing.

Sophie Holland - Mrs Stewart’s Year 1 Class

Year 2

On Monday our school choir went to the Sage and performed in front of our parents. There were parents and children from other Primary Schools. We sang three songs which were ‘Were not gonna take it’, ‘Speed it up’ and ‘Sing’. We thought the drummer was amazing. It was a fun and exciting night

Nicholas Bellenger and Thomas Carter

Year 3

At the Sage we watched lots of schools perform. When it was our turn some of us got stage fright but seeing our parents comforted us. It was fun, most people enjoyed it

Amy Sanderson - Miss Hoque class Year 3

Year 6

On Monday 10th of July KS1 and KS2 choir went to the Sage to perform at the Biddick academy summer music concert. They sang three songs, ‘Were not going to take it’ was the best song because everyone played the air guitar and the crowd really enjoyed it. The experience was amazing for everyone and they all enjoyed it. We hope to have another opportunity like that again in the near future to perform.

Georgia Towart, Faith Kennedy, Lily Daly and April Younger (Year 6 Mr Knight & Mr Adams Classes)