Behaviour in Schools

Our school has a number of rules that recognise children’s rights and responsibilities. Our behaviour policy is a means of ensuring everyone can work together in an effective and considerate way, in a safe and positive learning environment. Our primary strategy is the ‘Good to Be Green’ card system which is  linked to privileges for behaviour which meets expectations and sanctions for inappropriate behaviour. Children who behave appropriately are rewarded with Golden Time. Children who do not behave positively can receive playtime and lunchtime sanctions when they will be encouraged to think about improving  their behaviour.

John F. Kennedy Primary does not condone bullying in any form. We aim as a school to provide a safe secure environment where all can learn without anxiety. We believe that bullying is wrong and damages individual children. We therefore do all we can to prevent it, by developing a school ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable. Our School policy on bullying is available on request from the school office and we would urge you to support us in implementing this policy.


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