Special Educational Needs

In 2014 the government produced a new code of practice. The school follows the code of practice for pupils with special or additional needs. All classes are of mixed ability and teachers provide work that is relevant to the needs of each pupil. Pupils may receive extra classroom support.

If a child has special or additional needs, parents/carers will be informed that their child is being added to the special educational needs register. These children will have a support plan (formerly known as an individual education plan or IEP) which is specific to their needs. The plan will be reviewed regularly with parents/carers.

For a small number of children, school may need to involve specialist services for advice. Parents will always be informed of this in advance.

Miss Quinn is our SENDCO who is responsible for children on the SEN register and for supporting staff and parents. Please click to access our school SEND Policy. Please note, our SEND Policy document is currently under review for reissue in Autumn 2015.

As part of the new government regulations, schools are required to publish a SEND Information Report to inform parents about SEND provision within the school.

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