Visions and Values

At John F Kennedy Primary School our vision is to work together to create a school where every child matters and where caring for each other and taking responsibility for personal actions are the heartbeat of our school community.

Everyone in school works towards a shared goal which is to create an ethos which will encourage confident, articulate children who are highly motivated and eager to participate in a broad, balanced curriculum enhanced by a range of learning experiences both within and beyond school that will enrich their learning and equip them for the changing challenges of the 21st Century.

All children are encouraged to reach their full potential where they are supported and given the skills to respond positively to challenge in every aspect of their life and learning. We believe that systematic assessment for learning, and recording of learner’s progress, enables appropriate challenge to be built into our provision for all learners.

We fully accept the principles of equality of opportunity and we want our school to be an inclusive school that values individualism and diversity and develops positive relationships within school and within the local and wider community. We actively seek opportunities for pupils to learn with and about children from a range of backgrounds, faiths and cultures. Through our ethos of caring for all, we will promote discussion and show pupils how different communities can be united by shared values, aspirations and experiences. We also seek opportunities for our pupils to make a positive contribution to the school and local community.

A healthy school agenda has been set for our school and we promote the benefits of children and adults making informed healthy life choices. We teach children the importance of keeping themselves safe and the whole school community works together to create a safe environment for children to experience living and learning together.

At John F Kennedy we believe in the value of reviewing and evaluating our provision and we look for ways in which all stakeholders can contribute to this process. Governors are well informed and work with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team to monitor the provision and learning and to set the strategic direction of the school. The Governors are our ‘critical friends’ and ensure value for money is secure in all areas. We believe in the importance of developing the role of our School Council.

We offer extended services in response to need and signpost parents to other service providers. We endeavour to offer a range of after school activities to enrich the experiences of our children.


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