School Council


School Councillor details coming soon


There are 4 key roles which are held by the four Year 6 school councillors:

  • Chair person
  • Vice Chair person
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

There will also be two councillors from each year group representing their classes.

One of the tasks of the School Council is to help organise charity days like Children In Need and Red Nose Day.

Additionally, if visitors come into school, we may show them around or help them. Bullying is something the School Council targets together with our playground buddies.We are currently helping to choose new play equipment for the yard and looking to improve our school website and keep it up to date.

We also collect suggestions from around school on how to improve the life at JFK Primary School. Not all of children’s suggestions are taken on board, however the School Council reads all of them and we try to feedback as to why suggestions can’t happen.

All in all, the School Council is very important to ensure every child at JFK Primary School has voice and someone to talk to if they need help.