Senior Leadership and Management Team:

Executive Head teacher: Dr A. M. Taylor

Head of School: Mr B. Adams - Safeguarding Lead

Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCo: Miss S. Quinn - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

KS1 Lead: Mrs A. Pearce - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

KS2 Lead: Mr G. Robb 

Maths Lead: Mr P. Pearson 

English Lead: Miss M. Anderson 

Teaching Staff:

Nursery: Miss A. Owens

Reception: Mrs M. Owen & Mrs E. Stewart

Year 1: Mrs A. Pearce & Miss B. McGonnell

Year 2: Mr P. Pearson & Miss F. Middlemiss

Year 3: Miss R. Newsome & Miss L. Kirby

Year 4: Miss A. Fairless & Mr T. Titmus

Year 5: Mr G. Robb & Mr M. Smith

Year 6: Mrs D. Fort & Miss J. Ross

The Treehouse: Miss M. Anderson & Mrs B. Murphy

P.P.A.: Mrs L. Mewes

Teaching Assistants:

Nursery: Miss S. Kaur & Mrs K. McDermott

Reception: Miss S. Keenan & Mrs K. Johnson

Year 1: Mrs M. Sarma & Miss B. Fletcher

Year 2: Mrs C. Appleby & Mrs N. Bond

Year 3: Mrs C. Ross & Mrs A. Prasad

Year 4: Mrs J. Auty

Year 5: Mrs T. Cooper & Mrs V. Lilley

Year 6: Ms J. Palmer

The Treehouse: Miss S. Rose

Administration & Support Staff:

Office Manager: Mrs J. Mackintosh

Admin: Miss S. Troup

Site Manager: Mr J. Downing

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Curry

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Broadbent

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Elliot - Woods

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Salmon

Lunchtime Assistant: Mrs Wright


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