Oak Learning Trust is a multi-academy trust based in the North East of England. We currently have three schools in our Trust and have supported a number of school in their school improvement journey.

Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely committed to improving the lives and outcomes of children within the Trust. There is extensive collaborative practice across the Trust at all levels with staff sharing ideas and resources as well as meeting together on a regular basis to plan joint work and projects. This creates a strong bond between schools and supports staff development which then leads into school development.

Although we have a strong ethos of high standards and high expectations we also believe that every school within the Trust should be an individual. The communities that each school serves will be different and the staff within each school will bring different interests and experiences. By harnessing all of these we ensure that the school is individual and the best it can be for its own community while the Trust SLT and Trustees ensure that each child is able to achieve his or her academic potential.

Staff are supported to develop their own interests and passions to provide new opportunities for our children and we are keen to share good practice across the Trust in any areas that might be of benefit to our children. We hope you enjoy looking around the website for John F Kennedy Primary school and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school.